ITA offers development & support services. We have been providing custom Macintosh solutions since the release of the Macintosh in 1984. Whether you require a simple AppleScript or a powerful application designed in C++, our highly experienced engineers will determine the most appropriate solution for your needs, and deliver a quality product that meets those needs. We also offer a wide array of World Wide Web services. For more information please explore some of the more specific areas of our expertise on this page, or contact us directly. We would be happy to discuss development options with you over the phone, or to set up an initial consultation.

ITA has expert experience in networking and on-site Macintosh support. We are dedicated to ensuring that your systems operate at maximum productivity. Our experience of doing support for graphic studios, hospital offices, schools and general business's combined with being developers allows us find OR create solutions to meet your needs. Whether it be Applescript, RealBasic, php, Filemaker, Apple Remote Desktop, Timbuktu, VNC or C++ ITA can provide a solution.

FileMaker Databases

Filemaker is an excellent choice for solving your database needs. Filemaker is very extensible and runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers. ITA can develop both standalone or web based database solutions and can write Filemaker plug-ins that allow for integration with both hardware and other special needs.

Macintosh Applications
Our most powerful solutions consist of Macintosh applications written specifically for each client. Since ITA develops all of the required code, we can match each feature of the program exactly to client requirements and specifications.

To reduce development time and costs, we use object-oriented application frameworks such as PowerPlant and MacApp, which provide reusable software components. Since these frameworks provide standardized component interfaces, we can also incorporate third-party components to provide additional or enhanced functionality at minimal cost.

For database-intensive applications, we take advantage of the NeoAccess object-oriented relational database management system. This enables our C++ programs to store and quickly access large quantities of data without the constraints imposed by scripting conventional database applications.

ITA is a registered Apple Partner with full access to Apple developer support programs.

AppleScript Solutions
ITA can make applescript work for you! AppleScript can perform repetitive tasks, retrieving data and files from remote servers, and executing scheduled updates and errands. AppleScript can process hundreds of files while you’re free to focus on other issues. Automated AppleScript workflows provide consistency, accuracy, and speed while delivering a reduced cost for time, materials and staff. More gets done in less time and with fewer mistakes. If you plan to scale your business, automation with AppleScript makes it possible.
  • Batch processing

  • File conversion and manipulation

  • Performing tasks at specified times

  • Transfering information between databases and other applications

  • Create automated workflows by linking the actions of multiple applications to perform a series of related tasks

Development Services

If your company develops software in-house and your efforts could benefit from additional resources, ITA can help. We have experience designing C and C++ code libraries for specific client requirements while presenting an intuitive interface to application-level programmers. This reduces application development time and improves code quality.

As your project nears completion, we can help you to deliver quality solutions to your customers. We have experienced testers and a variety of computer systems for compatibility testing. Using Virtual User for Macintosh and Microsoft Visual Test for Windows, we can develop automated regression testing scripts to ensure continued product reliability.

All of our services are provided on a contract basis, eliminating the training, support costs, and long-term commitments associated with hiring permanent employees.


The Photoshop plugin interface is the industry standard for extending graphics applications. One plugin developed at ITA is the KODAK 35mm Rapid Film Scanner plugin. In addition to developing Photoshop plugins, we have written applications which support plugin modules, allowing users to take advantage of the full range of plugin modules available for Photoshop.

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